Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration in Quantum Information Processing

The IRC brings together a multidisciplinary team of researchers in the UK to address key challenges in quantum information processing. The theoretical studies range from the most fundamental concepts of QIP to theoretical analysis of how QIP can be implemented in practice, together with modelling of specific experimental configurations. The experimental research focuses on the interaction between static and flying qubits, something that will be crucial for successful exploitation of QIP. Ways are sought to enhance the inherently weak interaction between photons and static qubits in microcavities and arrays, and to implement photon-photon entanglement via conditional detection. Information transfer in ionic and atomic systems is studied. Electrons in solids are investigated as candidate short range flying qubits.

Investigators:  A. Klein, K. Surmacz and D. Jaksch
Collaborators:  G.A.D. Briggs (Co-ordinator) and I.A. Walmsley
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Acronym:  QIPIRC
Funded by:  EPSRC Grant Reference: GR/S82176/01
Start date:  2004-04-01
End date:  2009-10-31

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