Robust atomic quantum information processing networks in periodic lattice structures

The main scientific objective of this project is the development of schemes for scalable and robust quantum computing in
periodic lattice structures which are feasible with current or short-term experimental technology. We plan to achieve this by
using decoherence free subspaces in ensembles of atoms stored in periodic traps and examine methods for performing robust single and two qubit gates in these subspaces. We study implementations based on strong atomic interactions (e.g. controllable molecular interactions) and on flexible interactions mediated by a cavity field. These schemes are extended to
quantum networks and checked for their suitability for implementation in concrete experimental setups. Such proposals have become realistic due to recent experimental breakthroughs in manipulating and controlling atoms in optical lattices and the networks we investigate should allow to build special purpose quantum computers which can be used e.g. for small
specific tasks in quantum cryptography or for simulations of more complicated quantum systems.

Investigators:  U. Dorner and D. Jaksch
Acronym:  RAQUIN
Funded by:  EU Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship; Call: FP6-2002-Mobility-5; Contract No. MEIF-CT-2004-010796
Start date:  2004-12-01
End date:  2006-11-30

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